Reading, for me, has always been a favorite activity. I find that questions like “What have you read lately?” or “What type of books do you like?” are great ice breakers. Thus, I often find myself making recommendations to folks about a book that I have read that relates to the topic at hand.  One thing led to another, and here we are – sharing my thoughts with you.

I am very interested in knowing what books engage you and what you would like me to review next. So please, leave a comment.

First, a bit more about me and why I read:

From an early age, reading has allowed me to explore the world and other cultures, as well as myself. Additionally, my curiosity about a variety of topics has been both satiated and expanded as I have devoured words and turned pages. Like good friendships, books are always a comforting presence that can be picked up or set down as life unfolds.

As technology has advanced, I now include audio as well as electronic books in my personal library.  However, my preference still remains for bound books due to their covers and illustrations, the ability to feel real pages turn, and for ease of reference.  There is reassurance in knowing that while I may not remember something exactly, I can find it quickly in a book.   Yet audio books are very convenient as they engross my mind across the many miles I travel.  I define a good audio book not only by the content of the book itself, but one with an engaging narrator that brings characters and subjects to life with a pleasant voice, especially one with a cool accent!

Your comments are desired, so please let me know what think about my reviews.  If my review encourages you to purchase your own copy, please support this blog by purchasing from the link found after the review. While I do receive a very small percentage from purchases, there is no extra cost to you associated from utilizing the links I provide. Time to get to reading!!