Why are we?

The times were hard and the place was not a tourist location

Physical and mental exhaustion was the price

Consuming flames the reward

We should have been contained to that desolate space

Yet across the vastness of this world you continue to find me

The obvious could be fulfilled by another

Is there something much deeper that keeps the moth coming to the flame?

He said you are legit

So be honest with yourself … and me

I see the walls you build

You give me reasons to walk away every time

Yet I too am the moth who can’t stay away


What are we?

Two towers of strength upon whom many depend

They hold tightly seeking like vines that eventually choke out life

We resent their controlling natures

Atlas shrugged

Should we?

Selfishness is a virtue for those that continually give as we do

Flames consume

The seeming desolation left behind makes way for something new

We are then,

Phoenix who continue to arise from the ashes


All original content copyright Yvonne R. Roberts, 2015-2017.

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