An Invitation

Humbled, I alternate between anxiety and calm

I remind myself to relax and forgive and to love (myself also).


It is so hard when I realize foolish pride put up barriers to the one I love,

Knowing that my inner struggles then, now are necessary growth sometimes helps


For just as the bald eagle must mature into its white head and

The ugly duckling develop into the beautiful swan,


I too had to evolve and connect my mind to my heart and dare to be vulnerable

My true nature is freed at last and ready for its one true mate.


Trusting that the yearnings of the heart will be fulfilled,

In good time, the how and when will be revealed.


In the interim, my liberation work continues . . .

Possessions are meaningless and are going, going, gone.

Friendships are treasured and are nurtured, strengthened, and grow.


Love and companionship are offered

Please accept.


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