SOG: The Secret Wars …

Plater, John L. SOG: The Secret Wars of America’s Commandos in Vietnam. New York: Onyx, 1997.

SOG is overwhelming both in its heroic accounts and in the short sightedness of politics. John Plater, a studies and operations group (SOG) veteran, provides an historical account of the men and their missions of the oft-denied border wars that were conducted during the Vietnam conflict. The experiences of these men are recounted in a raw and blunt style and backed by declassified military reports. Readers have much to reflect upon: the motivations of those who served, the human costs of any war, and the long term consequences of politics on military strategy.

Military enthusiasts and history buffs will undoubtedly find SOG engaging and hard to put down. This book is also recommended for leadership training, both those in the military as well as those in other professions. Finally, SOG should be required reading for all politicians and political advisors if there is to be any future hope of conducting war in a manner that remains faithful to the men and women who serve in the military and are called upon to be the ultimate sacrifice for all political ambitions.

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